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Social Security Disability Claims

     People who have worked hard all of their lives sometimes find themselves in a position to where they are no longer able to work and provide for themselves and their families.  This may be as a result of an injury or a chronic illness.  It may even result in having to move to a skilled care facility.  Then you have those members of our population that were born with certain physical or mental impairments, which if properly diagnosed, can qualify a person to receive Social Security disability benefits.  Individuals may also have developed said impairments over time due to either an accident, illness or a traumatic event.

​      Any of these situations make it hard on individuals to provide for their household.  People miss the fact that they used to work and can no longer work. They also worry about how they will be able to pay their bills, pay for medical treatment, pay for prescription medications, and provide for themselves or their families in the years to come.  Often times, individuals who have become disabled or who suffer from a physical or mental impairment be confused or lack direction in what steps to take first.  This can be a very confusing time for not only the individual person, but for their family and loved ones too who are either assisting or may be responsible for their care and personal needs.  When you are faced with these life moments, you need someone you can trust and someone who understand where you are and what you need long term.

​    Hal Roach has more than twenty years of experience focusing on protecting the legal rights of people in Social Security disability and SSI claims and helping them and their families get the benefits they deserve. He understands the emotional impact on a person when they hear that they are no longer able to be as independent as they once were used to. Contact Hal Roach today to schedule your free consultation to learn your legal rights when it comes to filing for disability.