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   You served your country with honor and great pride, you served others without asking to be served in return, but you never planned on being injured in a training exercise or in combat.  Maybe you are now suffering medical problems or have medical issues because of things that happened to you while you were in service.  Maybe you are sick from chemicals to which you were exposed many years ago. Quite possibly, you were even exposed to toxic or hazardous materials that at the time you were unaware of but several years after completing your military tour or duties, you became ill and you have been told by your physician that your condition or disability is directly related to your military service.

    Perhaps you witnessed horrible and violent acts of warfare and those situations are affecting how you interact with others or they may prevent you from even being among family and friends.  It could also be that you are suffering from depression and are having a hard time coping with friend you lost in combat whether it was many years ago or in recent times of war. More often than not, these issues may not be obvious but appear over time.  Since returning from your military service, you notice that you are withdrawn in social settings, possibly quick-tempered or you have a negative reaction to loud noises or even seeing violence that plagues our news stations every day.  With a lot of military personnel, the visions of war or incidents witnessed as part of your military service are constantly on your mind and it interferes with your sleep, your family life or even your ability to hold down a job.  

    Now you are facing very difficult medical situations and are left with more questions than answers as to where to go from here.  It has affected you, your family and your ability to be gainfully employed outside of the military. As a former officer in the U.S. Navy and being a former Naval JAG (Navy Judge Advocate General) attorney stationed at NLSO Charleston, South Carolina, Hal Roach understands the sacrifices made by those who served our country and the needs so  many of you have.ContactHal Roach today to schedule your free consultation, to learn your legal rights as a veteran and allow his military and legal expertise to work for you.

Veterans Disability Claims