Roach Law Firm

Cherylyn Groh

Staff Accountant

Attended University of South Carolina


Mary Ann Lauger

Attended Bob Jones

Paralegal for SSA/SSI

Support Staff

Our people make the difference.

    The Roach Law Firm employs paralegals who are very client-oriented. We recognize that daily communications and client care, not just customer service, is a vital part of what we do. It is important that clients know they are supported throughout the duration of their case.  Please remember that you may often communicate with one of our paralegals as they are directly involved with every aspect of your case.  These individuals are bound by the same confidentiality rules and ethics that attorneys are also charged with so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Michael Groh

Bookkeeper & Marketing Manager
Attends Greenville Technical College

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Paralegal for PI, WCC, & VA
Paralegal for PI, WCC, & VA